Club Benefits

NRA Club Championship Awards
Bonus Award
  • Large events will become fund-raisers for your club.
  • Improve participation among your club members.
  • Can be used as a recruitment tool.
  • Positive press to the community.
  • Inclusion of all ages, genders, and skill levels.
  • This is your event and is adaptable to fit your range.
  • Think beyond the club and offer this program to local businesses, youth organizations, veterans organizations and hunting clubs. This has fund raising potential.
  • Think about getting non-shooters involved. New shooters having fun with firearms helps secure our Second Amendment rights.
  • Promote your club nationally by submitting your story to www.nrablog.com and www.shootingsportsusa.com.
  • Have fun shooting at your club picnic or meeting, with business associates, Boys Scouts, and other youth or civic organizations.
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